Privacy statement

Given our business is all about protecting your business or home, we take your privacy pretty seriously. That’s why we will never share your data with anyone unless they are a fundamental part of the service supply chain. You have a right to know how we handle your data. Please read this policy to explain how your data is handled by Verifier.

What data do we hold and where do we store it?

The information we hold is the information given to us by you at the point of initial contact and during the installation and servicing of your systems. This may include, names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, service records and in the event of a monitored alarm, keyholder names, telephone numbers and passwords. This information is held on two locations within our secured office. Given the nature of cloud servers, we do not hold any of your information on the cloud or any other external data storage facility.

How long will we store your data?

For prospective customers who share data with us at point of enquiry, we will store your data for up to one year, after which if we have not had further contact, the data will be deleted. For contracted customers, we will hold your data for the duration of the contract. Should you choose to leave us, we will hold the information for a maximum of twelve months after which it will be deleted.

Who do we share it with?

Your information is only ever shared with third parties who are essential to allow the smooth operating of your systems. The following organisations hold all or some the data which we hold:

SSAIB – The SSAIB are the fire and security industry’s leading accreditation body, who inspect all accredited companies on an ongoing basis. Verifier Ltd are accredited by the SSAIB for the design, installation and maintenance of both Intruder alarms and CCTV systems. On completion, we issue an SSAIB certificate to confirm the system has been installed to the relevant standards and the information relating to your name, address and type of system installed is stored on the SSAIB database. For more information on SSAIB privacy policy, please see the SSAIB website—home-owner/

EMCS – EMCS are our chosen alarm receiving centre (ARC), and are the largest independent ARC within the UK. If your premises are protected by a monitored intruder alarm, all the data you have given us on our initial visit, and on handover of the system will be held on their database in order they can make contact with your premises or keyholders in the event of an alarm activating. In addition, all opening, closing times and alarm traffic will be held indefinitely For more information on EMCS privacy policy, please see the EMCS

Police Scotland

Should you have a monitored intruder alarm system with us, that has a valid Police Unique reference number (URN), Police Scotland will hold the some or all of information held by Verifier Ltd all the above parties. This is held in order to allow the required action to be taken in the event of the alarm system operating.

If you would like any further information regarding how we handle data, please contact us on