Home Security

Our home security systems are designed to ensure that protection of your property, remains our priority.

Home security is more than just a burglar alarm. We take the holistic view, to design systems which can detect and protect you from burglary, fire, carbon monoxide and flood. Our HomeGuard Intruder systems come with both internal and external high power sounders, which coupled with remote monitoring, Verifier HomeGuard is an alarm system that will never be ignored.

Our HomeGuard CCTV systems are unobtrusive, installed with night vision infra red LED illumination as standard and can even be viewed live or you can view recorded footage on your smart phone or tablet, wherever you are in the world.

Trust Verifier, as an SSAIB certificated company to protect your home, safe in the knowledge our systems meet all requirements and regulations as set out by the emergency services and insurance bodies.

Residential Intruder Alarms

Keep your home secure with a Verifier monitored intruder alarm system.

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home and have reassurance that the valuables and possessions held with sentimental value will be safe and secure. Home burglary is an indiscriminate everyday occurrence. Keeping unwanted visitors out of your home couldn’t be easier, with our wire free systems, typically installed in about half a day, with minimal impact on you home decoration.

Our systems start with HomeGuard Bronze, which in the event of an alarm activation, will via your wi-fi send a push notification to your smart phones using our HomeControl+ system, ensuring you don’t have to rely on the external sounder being the only form of alarm notification. In addition to HomeControl+, the Verifier HomeGuard Gold package is monitored 24/7 by our Alarm Receiving Centre, who will call your nominated keyholders, with optional Police response, should your system be activated.

AWARD WINNING SECURITY SYSTEM – Keep your home safe with the award winning enforcer hybrid wireless system. Fully monitored for emergency services response, complete with our external sounder from only £495.00

  • 24 /7  REMOTE MONITORING – Peace of mind that no matter where you are in the world, if your alarm activates, we’re on to it, summoning the emergency services. With a verifier security system, your alarm will never be ignored.
  • PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED – Verifier Security Systems are a fully Police, Insurance and trading standards approved company.
  • PEACE OF MIND – Make Home burglary someone else’s problem. Most burglaries occur after a home is targeted and 94% of convicted burglars avoid homes with monitored intruder alarms and move on to easier targets.
  • MAINTENANCE & SERVICE INCLUDED – With our service packages starting at just £16.00 per month, including cloud based remote monitoring. Or upgrade to include optional Police response, your alarm will protect your family, possessions and home for less than the price of a mobile phone contract.
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HomeGuard CCTV

Choose the smart solution in conjunction with our HomeGuard App.

Home Guard CCTV systems are a great way to give additional deterrent against the threat of a break-in. When used in conjunction with our App on your smart phone or tablet, it’s also a great way to keep an eye on your home when you are at work or on holiday.

By installing CCTV cameras at your home, you will provide an excellent deterrent against burglars and vandals from attacking your property. Our cameras come with day/night colour as standard, connected to a digital video recorder, giving you crisp clear recordings, no matter what the lighting conditions are.

Our cameras are discreet and come in colours which will blend in to the surroundings. Ask us about integrating your CCTV system to a home automation system, allowing you to view your cameras on your TV or on your WiFi video devices at home.

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