Construction & Vacant Property Security

An electronic security guard, watching over vacant premises.

SiteGuard is not a CCTV surveillance system that records images and data in a passive manner. SiteGuard is a complete video confirmed detection system that sends an event driven video clip with alarm notification to your choice of the Remote Video receiving Centre (RVRC) for immediate review and appropriate response, direct to your smart phone or tablet for self-monitoring and response or both for prompt action.

Utilising GPRS SIM card technology and powered by batteries lasting  for up to three years, SiteGuard doesn’t rely on telephone lines or mains electrical power and has the flexibility and adaptability to be deployed within your sites or properties to give video confirmed detection and protection, where you need it, when you need it.

With SiteGuard, each Videofied detector is your 24/7 sentry guard covering its own area, offering savings of around 70% against cost prohibitive manned guarding.

Protecting What Matters To You

Security, sent straight to you.

SiteGuard is the solution for any sites or property that has a need for surveillance and detection. Our range is ideal for construction sites, empty property, rural farms & barns, boats & marinas and rooftops to protect HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) plant. SiteGuard also has applications to protect scaffolding from crime and to protect heritage buildings and churches from rooftop lead theft.

SiteGuard detects using Videofied technology and transmits a ten second video clip to the Remote Video Receiving Centre and if required, direct to your smart phone or tablet device, giving you peace of mind that any crime in progress can be detected and verified with the appropriate follow up response.

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