CCTV Systems

Bespoke Video Systems allowing you to watch over what’s yours.

CCTV is more than a security system; it is a means to monitor behaviour, customer trends, health & safety and production within the workplace. CCTV can also be used for recording social or corporate events in true High Definition to pass on to your customers, enhancing experience days with a memorable DVD copy of their activities.

Verifier offer a wide range of CCTV systems, including lip synchronised audio/video recording, IP based video solutions, High Definition over either analogue or IP based systems, to fully event driven monitored CCTV systems, allowing 24/7 detection and visibility of what matters to you.

Service & Maintenance 
We believe that prevention is better than cure, therefore Verifier offer the finest levels of preventative maintenance checks to ensure your system continues to operate at optimum levels, ensuring full operation and recovery of video data.

Data Protection 
By definition, recorded CCTV images are classed as data and the use of CCTV may fall within the Data Protection Act. We recommend you check with the Information Commissioners Office for full information, you can visit the ICO website by clicking here.

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